Exciting things are happening here in South Africa! Just last week we received news that we are now officially registered as a Non-Profit Trust in South Africa. This has been a long process that has taken over 9 months. We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness in bringing us to this point! Now, we can really run with the mission God has given us to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa.

Our mission is comprised of a three-fold strategy: Education, Discipleship, and Development

This month we would like to update you on our first strategy: Education

We firmly believe that by providing a quality Christian education, we will provide greater opportunities later in life that will help propel the children out of poverty. Education is also one of the best ways to jump start the process of transformation in a community.

what we doOver this past year, Mimi and I have been managing a preschool in the township. Mimi has been working tirelessly to hire and train teachers to provide quality care to the children attending the preschool. At the end of last year we had about 40 kids attending the preschool. Due to lack of quality teachers this number of kids was overwhelming for our teachers. In January, Mimi implemented a new strategy and reduced the number of students to 20. This also allows us to be very intentional with our investment in the children and their parents.

IMG_3559At the preschool we have created a “fun” learning environment, where dreams are encouraged and learning is “playing.” The children learn through songs, cooking lessons, Bible stories, and field trips to a local farm to learn about animals and agriculture.

Thanks for your prayers! We are able to provide two highly nutritious meals and a snack a day . This is very important, cause most kids in this community only eat once a day. For most of them, the nutrition they receive from the preschool boost their immune system and keeps them healthy.

We are excited to be able to provide jobs to 4 mothers: 3 Teachers and 1 Cook. Each week Mimi
has discipleship meetings with each individual teachers and teach them how to dream. So, through your support you are not only providing jobs to mothers, but also discipling them to follow Jesus! You are actively:

Releasing Purpose, Awakening Dreams!