DSC_3686What does it take to save a life? Only Jesus can save souls, but we are called to demonstrate the Love of Jesus to all that we meet. What we can do is be in the right place at the right time and just maybe God can work throughus to save a life! And I believe that is what Mimi just did this past month.

Let me explain. Mimi was ministering in Ikageng at a preschool that we serve on a weekly basis when she noticed a little girl with ringworm on her face. With her experience working with kids beforeMimi reached out to the mother and began educating her on how to take care of the ringworm. Then she noticed that the lady had a son who was covered in dark sores all over his body. The boy was unresponsive and seemed very sick. Mimi asked some doctor friends about the sores, and they said it sounded like Staph infection and suggested he get immediate medical attention. Mimi explained this to the mother and made a plan to take little Christopher to the hospital.

At first, the hospital did not want to admit him, but after much persuasion on Mimi’s part they finally admitted him. The doctors looked at him and confirmed that he had Staph infection, but also said that he was on the last stages of malnutrition. They said if the mother would have waited any longer to bring him to the hospital that he would have died!

Today Christopher is healthy, happy, and very responsive. We are so thankful that God led Mimi to be in the right place at the right time and worked through Mimi to help save little Christopher’s life. We check up on Christopher regularly and Mimi is currently working on developing a food basket system that we can provide for families in Ikageng.

Please pray for Christopher and his family. Pray for their health, that his parents can find a stable income, and that more doors would be opened for this family to fully embrace Jesus who can not only save their lives but also their souls!

Thank you for all of your faithful prayers and financial support! You are the real heroes that made it possible to save a life.